Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

Whether your joint problem is associated with injury, disease or aging, chronic joint discomfort can slow you down and largely impact your quality of life. The joint replacement program at Orthocare offers a welcoming environment, a compassionate team of medical experts, seamless and continuous care. Right from consultation to rehabilitation, we are with you at every step. The experienced and skilled surgeons at Orthocare perform progressive joint replacement procedures with their revolutionary approach to joint replacement care.  We aim at eliminating any kind of discomfort or pain from your unhealthy joint and drastically improve your mobility so that you can enjoy the highest possible quality of life and lead a pain-free life. Our significant Joint Replacement Services are specified below.

Partial knee replacement treatment
Partial knee replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement is done on patients with limited arthritis. If the Arthritis is more severe, then it calls for total knee replacement. If only a compartment or a portion of the knee is diseased or damaged and the other compartments have healthy cartilage and bone, then partial knee replacement also known as unicompartmental knee surgery is the ideal route of treatment. This will give you the relief you have been looking for and will permit you to maintain a more natural knee.  It is a knee replacement option that involves minimal invasion, less postoperative pain, less blood loss and less postoperative disease rate. This option is bone preserving and soft tissue friendly. If you seek the quick return of function, a less recovery time and shorter hospital stay, partial replacement is particularly an attractive option.


Total knee replacement Care
Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

When there is substantial damage to the knee as a result of arthritis, trauma, injury, and other diseases that are destructive to the joints a total knee replacement surgery is advised. Total Knee replacement is a surgical procedure where damaged knee joint is replaced with artificial parts replaced with plastic or metal components. It is a procedure that aims at eliminating the excruciating pain and restoring maximum mobility and giving you the highest possible quality of life. Should you need a total Knee replacement, your doctor will decide on the surgical technique, and the type of implant is best for your medical condition. The surgery takes 1 to 4 hours, and you can expect a hospital stay of 2 to 4 days depending upon your condition. Total Knee replacement requires post-operative therapy in the form of physiotherapy, special exercises, and regular checkups.

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Joint replacement
Total hip replacement treatment
Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement or hip arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that involves replacement of the damaged hip joint by a prosthetic implant. Hip joints get impacted largely by an injury, Arthritis, Avascular Necrosis and Systemic disease. A total hip replacement is the best treatment option if you want a long-term improvement in your hip joint especially if other treatments have not proven to be adequate. This procedure reduces joint pain and enables pain-free movement. A total hip replacement could be your key to maintain an active lifestyle.


Shoulder replacement surgery
Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder replacement is generally suggested when someone faces excessive shoulder pain as a result of causes such as Arthritis, Degenerative disease, and injury which cannot be controlled or treated with non-operative methods. Significant indicators that indicate that you may need a total shoulder replacement are progressive stiffness, excruciating pain, grating or grinding sensation, and or loss of motion. The primary benefit of a total shoulder replacement is pain relief. Other important advantages include restoration of strength, function, and motion. Doctors only suggest a total shoulder replacement after considering all possible nonoperative measures such as injections, medication, and gentle physical therapy. A total shoulder replacement surgery is aimed at returning the patients to an activity level as close to normal as possible. Like any other joint replacement, total shoulder replacement lasts for about 10 to 15 years depending on the patient’s condition and level of maintenance.


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