5 Misconceptions about Knee pain

5 Misconceptions about Knee pain

1. Every Knee pain is because of ARTHRITIS
It’s a common misconception that knee pain is because of arthritis.NO, NOT ALWAYS. Yes, Arthritis is a cause of Knee pain, but not always. Simple reasons like a continuous stretch, bad posture, trauma during a dance or run or even long walk can lead to knee pain. Common diseases like viral fever, diabetes, gout can also manifest as knee pain. In elderly persons, especially females , back pain or even osteoporosis may present as knee pain . In elderly persons, especially females, back pain or even osteoporosis may present as knee pain. A proper history and a thorough examination by an expert doctor can diagnose the exact cause of knee pain.

2. Walking and climbing stairs degenerates the knees faster, so avoid these in knee pain.
This is a very common myth that walking damages the knee joint. On the contrary , it helps to nourish the knee as the knee joint cartilage gets the nutrition from the synovial fluid which in turn gets energy from movements. Similarly climbing stairs helps the front side of the knee (scientifically known as a patellofemoral component) to be stronger and thus being able to take stress and load. In long-standing knee pain people who stop walking/exercises develop more pain as the cartilage degenerates more the bone beneath gets more porotic and the muscle gets weaker. Hence experts say that walking, cycling , swimming or other form of exercises help protect the knee joint from further damage.

3. Once Knee pain sets in it cannot be removed/cured permanently.
The notion that Knee pain is not curable comes from older generation People in the sixties and seventies believe that knee pain is a curse of aging and no treatment can get rid of this suffering. However, the truth is that knee pain (or osteoarthritis in such cases) can be offered tailor-made treatment according to the stage of illness. This may range from simple lifestyle modifications or regular exercises to a surgical. Option as a cure for controlling and even eradication of Knee pain.
As a result, they begin to accept the deterioration in the physical quality of life or get dependent on medications which have adverse effects on long term use

4. Knee replacement surgery is very painful.
This is one myth that deters many people from undergoing this procedure. In actuality, the potential pain relief outweighs the temporary surgical pain. Though the surgical procedure can claim to be totally painless and risk-free, the latest updates in the medical technology & skills have made every effort to make the surgical experience comfortable. These include is a team spirit effort which a small incision, minimal tissue dissection, good intra and post-operative pain controlling measures: early mobilization and quick recovery to normal routine. A good outcome is almost all cases are expected with the present-day knee replacement surgery.

5. Question – My friend/relative had severe Knee pain. He/ She took this treatment, I should also take the same-
Though the symptoms and clinical course of knee pain may be the same i.e ‘PAIN IN KNEE’ the underlying cause may be different. (only a specialist, an experienced doctor can understand) Hence self-diagnosis and treatment can not only delay the recovery, but potentially do more harm than good. It is always better to take expert advice from a specialist doctor.

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